Our first date was December 16, 2008 (happy birthday Nathaniel!).
Our second was Dec 21, 2008 at Jonathan’s “Non-Holiday Party”. Despite this, Joanna continued to date him.
We spent all our first holidays together – Jonathan was very understanding as it was Joanna’s first Christmas ever away from her family.
Our first New Years, Jonathan had a cracked, infected wisdom tooth and Joanna had the remnants of the flu AND a sinus infection. Triple win!
Jonathan took us to Gilt (Michelin two stars!) for our first Valentine’s Dinner. After a beautiful, elegant, scrumptious evening, Joanna asked him to VOW to never spend that much money at one meal ever again.
During their first Spring, Joanna barely made enough money to survive. Jonathan snuck groceries into her fridge to help out.
On June 6, 1944 the US troops stormed the beach at Normandy.
The book that brought Joanna and Jonathan together is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett.
Jonathan’s favorite bands are Clutch and Dream Theater. Joanna hates everything Jonathan listens to (except Cake).
Jonathan likes to cook and does most of the household cooking. Joanna does laundry in exchange for never having to cook.
Jonathan is a coffee guy, but sometimes goes without it. Deny Joanna her tea and she’ll eat your face for breakfast.
Joanna is the duster/kitchen cleaner in the family. Jonathan cleans everything after Joanna has done it.
Joanna and Jonathan both like to read…a lot…this means that most of the apartment is filled with books.
We got engaged Feb 6, 2010. The story is decidedly unromantic as Joanna threatened Jonathan with bodily harm if he a) did anything in public or b) surprised her too much. Despite it all, she was surprised AND emotional.
There are four cats and all have human names. Jonathan owns Bob and Madeline, Joanna owns Stewart and Maggie. This means that, in Joanna’s words, “We’re a creepy cat couple, but what are we gonna do? Rock/Paper/Scissors for who has to get rid of their own cats?”
Jonathan has a real job…Joanna purports to be involved in the arts to avoid real work.
Jonathan is 3 years older and Joanna likes to refer to the white in his beard, much to his annoyance.
Joanna has decorated the apartment in many brightly colored textiles…all of which give Jonathan a headache.
Jonathan is a math/science guy. Joanna likes to pretend those don’t exist.
Both love high velocity action flicks and stupid comedies (hello Will Ferrell). Joanna loves horror films. Jonathan doesn’t see the point.
Jonathan has a large stuffed ant. Joanna suffers.
Joanna’s favorite pastime is to figure out how to use Jonathan’s owns electronic to torture him. Most recently, using his cell phones (he has two) and hers to record and sing several multi-person (all Joanna) rounds of “Row Row Row Your Boat”.
Jonathan sometimes gently re-pets the cats when he feels Joanna has been too…enthusiastic and rattled their brains.
Jonathan is the romantic one. Joanna rolls her eyes and taunts him.
Jonathan is a hero. Seriously. He holds down the fort (cats, house, etc) while Joanna jaunts off to Israel, for a month or longer, to assist her family digging in the dirt, or leaves to go do a show across the country.
You’ll never hear him admit it, but Jonathan finds it really sweet when Joanna makes up silly songs for the cats.
Joanna and Jonathan are deeply committed to each other…as such, this may lead to them being committed.
This page might be more romantic if Joanna weren’t writing it.